War and Peace in the Life of Michael Zomber

For more than thirty years, Michael Zomber has been a collector of antique arms and armor. An avid lover of history, Zomber seeks to preserve history through his collection. He also hopes to meet and work with others who share his passions. Michael Zomber is specifically ardent about, and is seen as a global authority on, Japanese Samurai swords. In fact, he has such an interest in Japanese history, that he has written multiple books about it, such as Shogun Iemitsu and Jesus and the Samurai. He also made a documentary called Soul of the Samurai. He has also been featured as a guest historian on the television program, Tales of the Gun, on the history channel.

Zomber has also written a book on the Civil war on Amazon, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War. Despite his profound interest in historical instruments of war, Michael Zomber is also passionate about peace. He is an avid supporter of organizations such as Global Exchange, Amnesty International, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders.

Today, Michael Zomber lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife and two children. He continues to follow his heart, collecting pieces of history one by one.