Funding the United States of American Campaigns-George Soros

George Soros is well-known socialists, philanthropists, and a businessman. Mr. Soros was born on 2 August 1930 in Budapest Hungary; George fled to England in 1947 after he served the communist in Hungary. His determination and the thirst to survive in a foreign country led him to read the book the open society and its enemy changed Soros’ thinking in a positive way. George Soros started believing that one can flourish if only there is openness, freedom, and respect for every individual in the society.

George joined London School of Economics after relocating to England and graduated in 1952. Mr. George is known to be very ambitious, and he believes nothing can stop him achieve his dreams as well as meet his set goals. After his graduation, Soros moved to New York where he began his career at Wall Street Brokerage Firm F.M Meyer. Soros did not stop at the Brokerage firm. Instead, he worked for several other financial companies in the country, and 1973 George decided to establish his hedge fund company, Soros Fund, and later he renamed it Quantum Fund and Quantum Fund Endowment. Since its inception the hedge fund has been growing tremendously, and it has been providing services to individuals globally.

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In the recent years, George Soros has involved himself in the American politics. George was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, and for many years George has been supporting the Democrats on issues including immigration modifications, religious leniency, as well as criminal justice reform. In support of Hillary Clinton’s support George Soros donated more than $7 million his donation was driven towards PAC that was primarily organized to support Clinton in her campaigns that were referred to priorities US action. According to reports by FEC filings, Soros also donated another $3 million in support of the campaigns.

George Soros was determined to see Hillary Clinton win the just concluded United States of America elections and he even made more contributions to the campaigns on He was looking forward to increasing voter’s turnout and to achieve the numbers of voters he funded $3million toward the super PAC called Immigrants Voters win. Soros did not stop there. Instead, he donated another $5 million to the organization known as Voting Rights Trusts which is a no-profit organization that fights against vote restriction in the United States.

George Soros does not involve himself in politics, financial matters and also as an entrepreneur he is also involved in community support on He is a humanitarian of all times. His first humanitarian organization was established in 1984 known as Open Society Foundation. The primary aim of founding the organization was to fund serval projects that support the community in the education sector, public health, justice issues, business expansion as well media industry. He is also a supporter in the fight against drugs in the U.S. George Soros can be described as an influential figure in politics, humanitarian world, as well as the financial industry.

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How to take the war to the tyrants; Thor Havlorssen

Sending encrypted messages to Wickr, emailing people in the wee hours of the morning and just being a complete badass is not everyone’s cup of tea. BuzzFeed said that for Thor Havlorssen, this kind of behavior, which has had him labeled as abnormal, is the perfect norm. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor Halvorssen has made it to the news a number of times, and when he does, it is because there is a tyrant refusing to honor the basic rights of people somewhere. He is the founder and president of the New York based Human Rights Foundation and has been running it for 11 years now.

He states that he is a child of more than one nation. This is understandable, because he is half Norwegian and half Mexican. The leader and crusader of human rights in him seem to have a genetic lineage. His grandfather from the side of his father was the Norwegian governments king consul in Venezuela during the Second World War.

His mother’s lineage includes the very first president of Venezuela. Simon Bolivar is also part of his lineage. He believes in the philosophy that human rights should be the table where all other discussions are made.

The factors that led to his current activism

It is said that when a person experienced a certain kind of injustice happening, they end up thinking about it a lot and this leads to them advocating for the same situations. The two events that seem to have shaped Thor’s activist spirit are seeing the human rights of his own father get violated and also witnessing the murder of his own mother.

When he was a young boy, he watched his father get locked up in a prison in Caracas, simply because he was a drug Czar. His mother on the other hand was shot during demonstrations against Hugo Chavez.

Despite that tough past, Thor has never let bitterness get to him. He states that he has a lot of love for all humanity. He respects everyone, but most especially, the people that defy the norms and fight for the rights of others are his favorite kind of people.

The man has also had his fair share of ill-treatment, like the botched Vietnamese interview that saw one of his cameramen hide footage in his rectum. But all in all, as long as you have a similar mission with Thor, he will respect your struggle.

How Securus Technologies’ Exceptional Solutions and products are Restoring Order behind the Prisons’ walls

Securus Technologies is a company that mainly serves correctional facilities by providing criminal and civil technology solutions. The kind of technologies offered by the firm includes video visitations systems, internet connections, and monitoring systems. These technologies are essential for carrying out investigations for public safety and help in preventing hate crimes and solving crimes that happen in prisons.


According to Securus’ CEO, Richard Smith, on a weekly basis, the company develops new devices that help maintain law and order. Through this initiative, the company has received many letters and emails congratulating them for their good work. Prison wardens who are in charge of solving crimes, as well as families harboring former prisoners on parole, are responsible for sending these congratulatory messages to Securus. Below are some of the congratulatory messages;

 One of the wardens wrote to Securus Technologies thanking them for enabling him and his colleagues to use phone call records to get a search warrant that helped in putting away a corrupt staff member.


 Some calls were monitored that led to the discovery of inmates dealing in drugs and alcohol within the prisons. The phone records were instrumental in shutting down this illegal business.


 Another prison warden wrote to Securus thanking them for their continued dedication and commitment to providing solutions that have helped promote public safety.


 Securus monitoring system was praised for preventing entry of contraband items into correctional facilities.


The Company’s investigative tools were recognized for helping identify harassment cases and uncover plots against the community and the prison.


 The covert alert feature helped put away a suspected criminal.


 A prison official utilized the call monitoring technology to eavesdrop on a guilty inmate’s conversation that could have helped him get a not guilty plea.


 Additionally, the LBS software helped the sheriff department recover illegal assets, drugs, and money.

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