Why Consumer Brands Should Learn from Fabletics’ Marketing

Kate Hudson is an iconic actress, a mother, and beginning in 2013, she joined the murky waters of entrepreneurship. Kate’s physique is a testimony that she leads an active life; a fact that made Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group, to approach Kate with an idea of an activewear brand. The three innovative minds decided that their idea of activewear would be unique as it would provide stylish and high-quality gear at a reasonable price. The three settled on starting Fabletics, an activewear company.

Presently, Fabletics is sending shivers down the spines of its competitors especially Lululemon and Athleta. Pundits affirm that Fabletics has been expanding at an extraordinary rate. With just four years, Fabletics has gone international, introduced new product lines, gained over a million paying members, and its revenues are approach quarter of a million. The company is said to be expanding at a rate more than 200%. Fabletics is happy to share its strategies for success with other companies; the activewear company explains that their marketing strategy, review-centric, is responsible for its remarkable success.

What is a review-centric marketing strategy? Modern marketers have to deal with a unique generation of buyers that prefer sourcing their products from the internet. Traditional marketing strategies such as advertising no longer appeal to the modern consumer who is increasingly skeptical of ads. Because many businesses are migrating many of their operations to the internet, there is a need for companies, such as Fabletics, to stand out and appeal to potential internet buyers. The internet offers an array of ways a company can appeal to consumers, but none of them beats positively reviewed products, services or business.

Many surveys have revealed that modern consumers search a business online, product reviews or service reviews. If reviews on a product or service are positive, a consumer is inclined to purchase a product or service. However, if the reviews are unfavorable, an online buyer will ignore a product or a service even if the price tag on that product or service is favorable. Studies affirm that online reviews are important to consumers and companies. Consumers trust reviews from strangers as much as they would trust a recommendation for a product or service from a close relative or friend.

Fabletics is informed about the modern consumer. The company’s activities are tailored towards creating positive reviews for its products, services and the brand as a whole. Fabletics has an unbeatable online presence. Regularly, Fabletics’ products are sampled by the likes of Kate Hudson who are respected by many consumers. The company is leaning towards using famous people to try their products and review them. Because Fabletics’ products are excellent and incorporating designs from Kate, any celebrity that tries their products will always evaluate them positively. Kate recently welcomed Demi Lovato to be part of Fabletics. The company is poised to benefit from Lovato’s wide following on the social media. Kate has stood by Fabletics right from when it started to date; she contributes to the day-to-day running of the company.